Introducing the AON-M 3D Printer. Industrial quality printing at a fraction of the cost. The AON-M bridges the gap between expensive industrial printers and inexpensive desktop machines.

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Materials matter. That's why we created the AON-M. 3D Print the most advanced, production-grade materials around - including but definitely not limited to PEEK™, ULTEM™, ABS, nylon, ASA, polycarbonate and more. With innovative features such as water cooled hot-ends, a climate controled build chamber, and an actively heated build-plate, the AON-M lets you focus on building products instead of worrying about warped or failed prints.

Massive build volume

With our class-leading 18"x18"x24" build volume, print large parts or do small manufacturing runs without constraints.

Active Chamber Heating

Equipped with an actively heated build chamber (rated up to 70 °C), the AON-M ensures warp-free parts, even with advanced engineering plastics.

Dual tool-heads

Print multi-material parts or increase productivity by printing twice as fast all while eliminating oozing problems, a common issue with other printers.

450°C water-cooled hot ends

The AON-M’s water-cooled hot-ends can resist temperatures up to 450°C. This means you can now print with the most advanced engineering plastics on the market, including PEEK, ULTEM™ and more.

Precision construction

Industrial quality linear guide rails mounted on machine-ground surfaces drive the XY gantry, while robust 18 mm ACME lead screws and hardened steel linear shafts drive the Z-axis.

Remote operation

Operate your AON-M from anywhere. Featuring a Raspberry Pi loaded with a customized version of Octoprint, you can control your AON-M over Wi-Fi. And every AON-M comes bundled with a licence for Simplify3D®, the leading slicing solution.

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Print any 3D filament on the market

From PLA to ABS to the most advanced materials such as PEEK and ULTEM™. See the full list below:

ABS Polycarbonate ABS-PC Ultem™ Nylon PETx HIPS ASA PLA various composites

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