Front End Developer



We are looking for an all around developer who will work alongside many divisions of our team to create and improve our web presence, as well as work on the user interface of our printers. You will work closely with our sales, design, and engineering teams to shape our company identity and products as we continue to grow.

What you'd be working on:


Things we are looking for:


Our tools:

On the front end, we try to balance out new and shiny with tried and tested - for now, that means we've settled on React and use SCSS for our styles, all built using webpack. Behind the scenes, we work on the Unix side of the fence and use Python and Flask a lot - but we are very open to new languages and technologies if there's good reason to use them! * A fluent polyglot. Being able to work in multiple languages, and pick up new languages and frameworks is a huge plus. Even as a front-end dev, you may be asked to poke around in basic C++.