PEEK 3D Printed Part

3D Printing with PEKK

PEKK (polyetherketoneketone) is a relative of PEEK in the PAEK family, and offers similar high-performance mechanical properties, as well as temperature and chemical resistances.


  • Market leading X/Y and Z tensile strength
  • Equivalent rigidity to many metals
  • High strength, toughness and impact resistance
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Low permeability
  • Low wear and friction
  • Stands up well to abrasion
  • Good creep resistance


  • Nozzle temperature: 320 - 360°C
  • Bed temperature: 120 - 140°C
  • Chamber temperature: 70 - 150°C
  • Glass transition temperature (Tg): 160 - 165°C
  • Continuous use temperature (CUT): 140 - 260°C
  • Heat deflection temperature (HDT): 150 - 300°C
  • Short term temperature exposure up to 300°C

Note the above values vary between pseudo-amorphous, semi-crystalline, and composite reinforced grades of PEKK. Contact our materials engineers for more details.


  • Excellent resistance to chemicals 
  • High resistance to hydrolysis 
  • Excellent flame, smoke, toxicity (FST) properties 
  • Inherently flame retardantUL 94 V-0 flammability rating 
  • Low level of smoke 

When to Use PEKK for 3D Printing

Exceptional Properties & Printability

PEKK's capacity to maintain printability, even for large geometries, while providing the exceptional mechanical properties as well as chemical and temperature resistances, positions it as a versatile high-performance plastic.

Challenges with 3D Printing PEKK

Heated Build Chamber Required

PEKK’s elevated melting and glass transition temperatures require an enclosed, heated build chamber, such as the AON-M2’s, in order to achieve high quality prints that maintain dimensional accuracy.

Performance Comes at a Price

PEKK is a complex material to produce with comparable costs per kilogram to PEEK. Choosing an open filament 3D printer ensures that you have access to various top-tier suppliers, and competitive open market pricing for all materials.

3D Printed PEKK Parts

Variety of High Performance Parts Printed by AON3D AON-M2
PEKK - polyetherketonketone - 3D printed part