Meet Hylo™

AON3D's new flagship industrial 3D printer powered by Basis™, our machine learning-driven software.

More Than Hardware, AON3D Helps Businesses Succeed.

We believe next generation software and smart hardware are key to unlocking and scaling additive manufacturing adoption, enabling users to create functional parts in the world's most advanced polymers with just a few clicks.

The AON3D Advantage

High-quality, North American made hardware combined with intelligent software allows engineers to achieve high performance parts, in any material, with the touch of a button.

Get consistent part properties and high isotropy across the entire build volume, production runs, and printers.

Open Additive

Configurability is a right, not an upgrade — open materials, open settings, open access to process data.

Seamless Experience

With intelligent software and smart hardware, AON3D delivers a seamless, integrated, and easy user experience.

Reliable Results

Machine learning-driven software and advanced process monitoring deliver reliable, repeatable, and quality-verified parts.

Return on Investment

Avoid proprietary materials, expensive material licenses, hardware upgrades, and software subscriptions that diminish ROI.


Our vision is to build an open ecosystem.

One that allows you to successfully use whatever material you want from whichever manufacturer.

One that gives you insight into process parameters and sensor data. One that empowers engineers and designers – from all sizes of companies – to innovate faster without forced, commercialized boundaries or the risks of singular supply chains.

Open Materials

Unrestricted access to use whatever materials you want from any supplier.


Modify material process parameters, temperature, 
and motion settings.

Open Knowledge

Access to our support team and expert material science consultation.

Our Platform

Through machine learning-assisted process optimization, automated hardware, and advanced in-process monitoring and inspection, AON3D turns process variability into part confidence.

Smart Hardware

Print large, fast, accurately and repeatably with 25+ integrated sensors for automated calibration, process control and monitoring.

Intelligent Software

Manage, prepare, optimize, and qualify parts with machine learning and advanced process data.

High Performance Materials

From engineering grade materials to the world's strongest and most advanced polymers, choose the materials you want, with the properties applications need.


Manufacturing Operations

Expanding Additive Manufacturing Applications Across the Value Chain.

Key Benefits
  • Distributed Manufacturing
  • Digital Warehousing

Aerospace & 

Driving Manufacturing Efficiency – MRO and the Aircrafts of Tomorrow.

Key Benefits
  • Incredible Mechanical
  • Mass Reduction

Federal & Military

Modernizing Defense – 3D Print the World’s Most Advanced Polymers

Key Benefits
  • Extreme Thermal Resistance
  • Functional Prototypes

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