The AON-M2 2020
Industrial 3D Printer

Print PEEK, ULTEM™, and more

The AON-M2 2020 is a high temperature, industrial 3D printer that can fabricate ultra high-performance thermoplastics. Print larger parts with its actively heated build chamber and large build volume.

Built for Repeatable Accuracy

Designed to reliably achieve accurate end-use parts from hundreds of materials. The improved convective flow path provides the isothermal conditions needed for repeatable production.

Making Materials Matter

Achieve better mechanical properties for your printed parts with precision thermal control, enabled by an innovative chamber heater design and engineered convective flow path.

Open Materials 3D Printer

Avoid getting tied down with costly proprietary materials, and experience the freedom of choosing between the highest quality materials offered by leading vendors.

AON-M2 Industrial 3D Printer by AON3D

Class-Leading Features

Filament Spool Icon

High Performance Materials

Designed to print aerospace-grade thermoplastics, including PEEK, PEKK, ULTEM™, carbon fiber-filled variants, and many more.

Chamber Temperature Icon

135ºC Chamber Temperature

High build chamber and bed temperatures are crucial for ensuring first layer adhesion, preventing warping and improving interlayer bonding.

Build Chamber Volume

Build Bigger & Make More

The 18" x 18" x 25" build envelope allows you to print bigger, or run batch jobs of multiple parts at once.

Snowflake icon

Liquid-Cooled Precision

The stepper motors and both hot ends are cooled with a liquid cooling loop, which extends component lifetimes and offers accurate control over the melt-zone while extruding.

Adaptive Mesh Levelling Icon

Automated Calibration

Adaptive mesh leveling ensures precision-calibrated prints across without the need for manual intervention.

Extruder Icon

Double the Design Opportunities

Dual independent toolheads allow you to design parts using multiple materials, such as soluble supports, or quickly switch between two different nozzle sizes.


Dedicated Expert Support

Expert materials and engineering support come with every machine, including on-site training with each 3D printer delivery.

remote 3d printer access icon

Easy Remote Management

Remotely manage your print queue and machine from any device on the same network. No software installation required.

Materials & 3D Printing Expertise

More than just a hardware provider: tap into our expert team of materials engineers, polymer-focused PhDs, and application consultants.