Introducing the AON-M2 Industrial 3D Printer.

The AON-M2 is a large volume high-temperature 3D printer compatible with high performance thermoplastics.

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Product features.

The AON-M2 features best-in-class temperature performance, adaptive build surface calibration, and a host of other features to build remarkably strong parts. See the full list of features:

High performance materials.

The AON-M2 was designed from the ground up to print PEEK, Ultem™, and other aerospace grade thermoplastics including carbon fiber filled variants.

120ºC chamber temperature.

When printing with advanced materials like PEEK, Ultem™, and polycarbonate, having a hot chamber and bed is crucial for first layer adhesion, minimizing part warping and improving interlayer bonding.

Impressive build volume.

With the AON-M2, you've got an 18" x 18" x 25" build envelope to work within, allowing you to print bigger, or run batch jobs of multiple parts at once.

Liquid cooled hot ends and motion components.

All of the stepper motors and both hot ends are actively cooled using a liquid cooling loop - extending component lifetimes, and giving precise control over the melt-zone while extruding.

Automatic print surface calibration.

Adaptive mesh leveling allows you to use any build surface, and have perfectly calibrated prints without any manual intervention.

Dual independent toolheads.

Two independent toolheads allow you to design parts using multiple materials, run the machine in duplication mode to get a batch job done twice as fast, or quickly switch between two different nozzle sizes.

First class support.

When you purchase an AON-M2, you're not just purchasing a machine. Along with every machine comes high level materials knowledge, and a support channel for any questions you may have.

Frictionless remote access.

Manage your print queue and control the machine from any computer or tablet on the same network. No software installation required.

Made in Canada.

We proudly engineer and manufacture each printer by hand at our facility in Montreal Quebec. Fully NAFTA compliant, and available to ship all around the globe, eh?

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Tech specs


Technology Fused filament fabrication (FFF).
Build Envelope 457 mm x 457 mm x 635 mm (18" x 18" x 25")
Max speed (XY) 500 mm/s
Max speed (Z) 100 mm/s
Nozzles Hardened steel (0.25 mm - 1.2 mm, 0.6 mm default)
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Max spool size 4 kg (left and right)
Max nozzle temperature 450ºC +
Max chamber temperature 120ºC +
Max printbed temperature 200ºC +

Software and Connectivity

Slicer Simplify3D (licenses available)
Control interface Onboard LCD touchscreen or browser interface
Networking WiFi or Ethernet (requires DHCP)
Software Updates Rolling release OTA updates
Firmware AON-M2 Custom (Marlin Fork)


Build plate Hot-swappable ALCA 5 precision aluminum plate
Toolheads Dual independent with dedicated drive motors
XY Resolution (theoretical) 0.025mm
Z Resolution (theoretical) 0.001mm
Weight 265kg (585 lbs.)
Height 1450mm (57")
Width 955mm (37.6")
Depth 965mm (38")
Shipping Depth 835mm (32.9") or 805mm (31.7") when door removed


Supply 208-240VAC 50/60Hz single phase
Peak current draw 20A
Peak power draw 4150W
Outlet NEMA 6-20

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