AON M2+ Adds Support for This Year’s Most Exciting AM Polymers

May 22nd, 2023

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It is widely accepted that materials, and software, will drive most of the advancements in additive manufacturing (AM) over the coming decade. The following list contains some of the most exciting new AM polymers released in 2022/2023, in addition to some older materials, all of which are coming to the AON M2+ platform. While the AON M2+ is an open material platform, these materials will be fully supported with ready-to-print print profiles, in-depth processing documentation, and can be purchased directly from AON3D by reaching out here.   


PA 0600 – Delrin-Like Properties from a Safe and Easy to Print Alloy

This polyamide/polyketone alloy is tribologically similar to POM (Delrin) and PVDF with self-lubricating properties, good wear and abrasion resistance, and a low coefficient of friction. Combined with high strength and stiffness, this material is great for applications where high dimensional stability and lubricity are needed, such as gears and bearings. Unlike POM and PVDF, PA 0600 is low-warp, easier to print, and does not release any odors or toxic fumes when processed.

PA 4500 – A Neat Nylon with Improved Mechanical Properties and Printability

This neat Nylon copolymer possesses good lay flat/low warp properties making it easier to print. Along with better printability, PA 4500 delivers high strength in both XY and XZ directions, good toughness, 100% improved elongation at break, and better overall strength compared to other commercial Nylons.

Tectonic 3D

TenneT TPI – 3D Printable Polyimide with Ultra Strength, High Isotropy, and High Heat Resistance

One of the most exciting polymers in additive manufacturing this year, Tectonic 3D’s thermoplastic polyimide possesses a similar tensile modulus to ULTEM™ 9085 while exhibiting superior strength and elongation at break properties. This indicates that TenneT TPI theoretically has far better interlayer weld strength and part isotropy than ULTEM™. In tests supported by the Royal Netherlands Navy’s Expertise Centre Additive Manufacturing  (ECAM), a small aerospace tie-down bracket withstood 432 kg of load before failure and fractured through multiple layers of the print.


KetaSpire® CF10 LS1 PEEK – Carbon Fiber Filled PEEK for Ultra Strength and Better Printability

With 10% carbon fiber loading, Solvay’s CF PEEK is one of the strongest polymers currently available. In addition, the material provides long term-performance up to 240 °C with good dimensional stability and exceptional chemical resistance. These properties make it well-suited for metal replacement in demanding end-use applications.


AM 200 (LMPAEK) – A PAEK Family Material Formulated for Higher Isotropy and Printability

LMPAEK (low-melt polyaryletherketone) offers very high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, fatigue resistance, and corrosion resistance to fluid/chemical. VICTREX AM™ 200 Filament is optimized for 3D printing, providing easier printability and improved strength in the z-direction compared to PEEK and PEKK.


AquaSys® 180 – A Drain-Safe Water-Soluble Support for High Temperature Materials

Achieve greater design complexity and speed post-processing when printing high performance polymers. Interfacial’s AquaSys® 180 is a water-soluble support material for high temperature thermoplastics, such as PEKK and PEI-9085. After printing, use an 80 °C ultrasonic water bath for the quickest and most complete dissolution of the support material.


Readyprint™ Filaments – Industrial-grade materials optimized for out-the-box printing

“The Readyprint PC is working so well that we need more!”
– AON3D customer, Galvion.

In the last year, AON3D launched a line of high quality filaments that remove inherent complexities of industrial open material printing. Readyprint™ filaments are sourced from high quality vendors with rigorous quality management processes. The materials receive additional factory drying and are packaged so that they are ready to print right out of the box. Lastly, pre-configured process parameters provide a faster time to part.

Readyprint Filament Options

  • ABS
  • Carbon Fiber ABS
  • ASA
  • PETG
  • Carbon Fiber PETG
  • HIPS
  • 92A TPU
  • PC
  • PEKK-A
  • PEI-9085
  • PPSU

Need help purchasing or selecting a material for your application? Our additive manufacturing specialists are ready to help.