Industrial 3D Printer ROI – Open Material Savings Calculator

May 9th, 2024

6 min read

Compare open and closed material system operating expenses (OpEx). This calculator converts volumetric filament pricing (cu in., cm³, cc) into cost per kg then provides an annual savings estimate based on your current or projected utilization.

It is important to note that markups are not fixed across materials. Form, fit, and non-functional parts are often printed in commodity and engineering-grade polymers which carry the highest markups. Printing just five canisters of proprietary Carbon Fiber Nylon (PA12 CF) a month can cost over $41,000 a year, nearly a $25,000 markup over a non-proprietary Carbon Fiber Nylon with better mechanical properties.

Calculate Your Savings

Note: This savings calculator does not include peripheral costs commonly associated with owning a closed material system. See below for additional expenses you may incur.

  • Material Licenses: ~$80,000 (Unlocks 14 materials and 3 support materials)
  • Open Material license: ~$80,000 lifetime
    • Requires additional $15,000 toolhead
    • Each reel requires a $70 one-time use EEPROM chip
  • Build Sheets (Pkg of 20): $144 – $612 (1-2 uses each)
  • Nozzles: ~$120 ea.
  • Support Removal System: $4,000+ (If water soluble support materials are not available)

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