New Validated Materials for AON3D Printers – March 2022 Update

Mar 1st, 2022

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Learn which new materials have passed AON3D material lab validation for quality and are ready to print.

The AON3D line of high temperature industrial 3D printers, currently in their 5th generation, are designed to 3D print nearly any thermoplastic currently available on the market. To provide an easy printing experience, our engineers are continuously working to validate and add the newest materials from today’s top brands and suppliers.

What is Material Validation?

Successful prints start with high quality 3D printing materials.

To validate filament brands and suppliers, AON3D’s materials engineering group inspects each new material for: printability, dimensional accuracy and consistency, moisture content vs packaging specifications, lot traceability, supply chain security, and more.

Once these metrics have been verified, AON3D engineers work to create baseline sets of process parameters to enable users to start printing quickly.

New Validated Materials

The following suppliers and materials have been verified for quality and are added to an already long list of validated materials for all the AON M2 3D printers, including the new AON M2+.


  • PEKK-A: Amorphous PEKK is easy to print while offering comparable mechanical properties to PEEK with outstanding thermal properties.
  • PEKK Carbon: Carbon fiber reinforced PEKK offers even better printability with added stiffness over its unfilled variant.
  • ABS-ESD: An affordable material for applications that require electrostatic discharge protection.
  • TPU-92A: A food contact certified flexible material with good heat resistance and shore hardness of 92A
  • PETG: An easy-to-print polymer that is affordable and impact resistant for rapid prototyping and low stress applications.
  • PETG Carbon: A chopped carbon fiber filled variant of PETG offering improved stiffness and strength.


  • PA 0600 (PA + polyketone): This Delrin / PVDF alternative provides high stiffness, good wear resistance, low friction and self-lubricating characteristics.
  • PA 4535 CF (PA CF): One of the strongest PA co-polymer carbon fiber filaments available on the market with 40% improvement in tensile strength, impact strength, Z strength and elongation at break, with the added benefit of being ESD safe.
  • PA 4500 (PA): A low warp, neat Nylon copolymer with excellent appearance, strength in both XY and XZ directions, and toughness.


  • KetaSpire® MS NT1 (PEEK): PEEK produced by Solvay offers excellent wear resistance, best-in-class fatigue resistance, ease of processing, high purity, and excellent chemical & thermal resistance
  • KetaSpire® CF10 LS (CF PEEK): Carbon fiber reinforced PEEK offers better dimensional stability during printing with added strength and stiffness over its baseline variant.


  • VICTREX AM™ 200 FIL (PAEK): A semi-crystalline material with slower crystallization curve compared to PEEK enables better printability while exhibiting comparable material properties.

Covestro (Formerly DSM)

  • Novamid® ID1030 CF10 (PA CF): A 10% carbon fiber filled PA6/66 copolymer providing stronger, stiffer, tougher parts. Note that the AON M2+ comes ready to print carbon fiber and other composite materials.

Infinite Material Solutions

  • Aquasys® 180: This water-soluble support material works with PEEK, PEKK, and PEI filaments and does not require caustic materials and special equipment to dissolve.

What Other Materials Can You 3D Print?

The above list represents a small fraction of the quality-verified materials recommended for printing on the AON M2+. Find out more about the AON M2+ here or contact one of our additive manufacturing specialists for a full list of materials.

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