AON M2+ Adds New Feature-Rich Slicer Option

Jun 15th, 2023

1 min read

Today, AON3D announced that their AON M2+ High Temperature Industrial 3D Printer will gain official support for SuperSlicer, a feature-rich, free, and easy-to-use slicing software. The new addition continues AON3D’s open ethos, allowing users to print with open-market materials and slicers. The new software streamlines the 3D printing process with pre-configured material profiles for leading brands, robust in-app documentation, and an extensive list of print quality-improving features. Having already been extensively tested in-house, AON3D’s configured version of SuperSlicer is now available.

Improved Print Quality, Reliability, and Workflow

Workflow refinements and advanced tuning options which have been pre-configured for the AON M2+, provide large improvements in printing reliability, time to part, and quality of finished parts. New overhang tuning and support options enable greater confidence when printing complex geometries while surface tuning options, such as ironing and single perimeter bottom/top surfaces, create picture-worthy parts, no post-processing required. While there are too many improvements to list, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite features:

  • Pre-loaded ready-to-print profiles developed by AON3D’s material engineers
  • Air-gap friendly (no license or internet connection required)
  • Custom ‘paint-on’ support placement
  • Z-seam concealment options
  • Improved thin wall printing
  • Volumetric process parameter tuning
  • Overhang fine-tuning
  • New infill patterns
  • Surface ironing

Ready-to-Print Profiles

At launch, the slicer will come pre-loaded with 16 pre-configured material profiles, and 5 support materials, from leading suppliers including Kimya, Solvay, Jabil, Tectonic3D, and more. This number will grow as the AON3D Materials Lab dials in more profiles. As always, AON3D clients can leverage our in-house team to explore and optimize profiles for new materials from any brand on the market..

Summary: Faster and More Reliable Results

Whether you’re an advanced user or just want a click-and-print experience, the addition of SuperSlicer to the AON M2+ platform greatly improves the user experience and quality of prints. AON3D’s existing software option, Simplify3D, will still be fully supported and can be used along with SuperSlicer. The software finished Beta testing in early July and is now available with support by the AON3D customer success team.

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